Is Desi Cow Ghee Healthy?


Desi cow ghee here means ghee that is produced from the milk of the Indian breed of cow following the proper traditional method. Since time immemorial people have been using ghee in their daily life in many ways. In Ayurveda, ghee plays a very significant part as a superfood as well as a medicine for its incredible benefits. There was a philosophy called ‘charvaka philosophy’ which has a materialistic approach towards life. It does not believe in ‘moksha’ or liberation, instead, it preaches to enjoy life to the fullest. This philosophy has a famous saying: ‘yavat jivet sukham jivet, rinam kritya ghritam pivet.’ The literal meaning is: ‘As long as one lives, one should enjoy life and eat ghee, even if one has to borrow to serve this purpose.’ This indicates the importance of ghee in the life of a human being.

Now let’s go to Ayurveda. What does Ayurveda say about the benefits of desi cow ghee?  Charaka Samhita, a classic of Ayurveda by sage Charaka in Sutrasthana, chapter 25, sutra no 38 says,” gavyam sarpiḥ sarpiṣaaṃ.” The meaning is “cow ghee is the best of all kinds of ghee.” Charaka Samhita Sutrasthana, chapter 27, sutra no 231 to 234 says:  Desi cow ghee increases memory, intelligence, digestive capacity, semen, ojas, kapha and fat. It gives relief from vata and pitta, toxic substances, mental disorders and malnutrition. It is auspicious, best of all the oily substances, cold in nature and sweet in taste. If it is administered following the prescribed method, its efficacy increases thousand times more and gives multifold results. Old desi cow ghee is beneficial in case of intoxication, epilepsy, fainting, malnutrition, insanity, remaining poison, fever, and pain in the ear, head and female genital tract.

The ayurvedic masterpiece “Ashtanga Hridaya” which is authored by sage Vagbhata in chapter no 5, sutra no 37 to 39 says the following points about the benefits of desi cow ghee.

  1. Ghee enhances intelligence and memory.
  2. It increases digestive power and life span.
  3. Enhances sexual strength and is beneficial for the eyes.
  4. Nourishing for elderly people as well as for children.
  5. Good for skin complexion, softens the body and helps to develop a pleasant voice.
  6. Ghee is prescribed for injury to the chest, herps, by weapons, burns, to balance vata and pitta, toxic condition, mental craziness, emaciation, inauspiciousness and chronic fever.
  7. It is the best among the four main fatty substances. It is cold in nature.
  8. It is the best thing to defeat old age.
  9. Ghee that is made by the correct process has many good qualities.

If one takes two drops of desi cow ghee into each nostril regularly, it can remove many health problems above the shoulders like the diseases of the ear, nose and brain. It is very useful in case of headache, mental stress and to get good sleep. Ghee has a higher smoking point than most of the cooking oils which are used in everyday life. Most of cooking oils are hot in nature. On the contrary, ghee is cold by nature Therefore desi ghee is an ideal choice to use for cooking. Short-chain fatty acids are found in desi ghee. They play a very crucial role in maintaining good health and protecting us from many diseases.

To conclude we can definitely say that desi cow ghee has inexpressible benefits and it is one of the best medicines in the world.

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